Grant Process

The Joseph S. Bruno Charitable Foundation strives to make the grant inquiry and application process as open and clear as possible. However, before you begin it helps to review our Grant Guidelines and Focus Areas.  If after reviewing, you believe your project aligns with our funding priorities, we encourage you to submit an inquiry.  (See deadlines below.)

*Any organization that has been awarded 3 (three) consecutive grants may not apply for another grant until 1 year after the last grant.


Step 1: Letter of Inquiry


Inquiries are accepted by the foundation twice a year through the online system. The brief inquiry form asks for information related to your organization and project. Please understand that while all inquiries will be read they may not generate an invitation to apply for funding.

Step 2: Application (by invitation only)


If your organization/program appears to fit with the foundation’s focus areas and guidelines, you will receive an invitation to submit a grant application online. More information on the grant proposal/application process will be provided at that time.

If the program does not meet the foundation’s guidelines or fit the focus areas, you will receive notification.

Step 3: Proposal Review & Funding Determination


Final applications are presented to the Board of Directors for review and approval. The Joseph S. Bruno Charitable Foundation staff will notify you after funding decisions are confirmed and when the Grant Agreement is ready to be reviewed and signed electronically through the online grants system. You can expect a decision in about 60 days of the application deadline.

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