History & Founder

Our History

Since 1985, the Joseph S. Bruno Charitable Foundation has invested in the community with leadership and financial support for religious, educational, health, arts and organizations. The Foundation is committed to the founder’s legacy and continues to operate as a family foundation with the fourth generation of family members involved in its work.  In 2008, the board of directors adopted a new mission and outlined a strategy to provide better focus for its charitable investments and resources.

image1The Founder

Joe Bruno, the firstborn son of Italian immigrants, took his life savings of $600 and opened a small grocery store in 1932.

By the time of his death in 1996, the Bruno’s grocery store chain had grown to a publicly traded, multi-billion dollar corporation. Although he was an amazingly successful businessman, it was his generous giving to others that endeared him to the community. His philosophy of philanthropy was “that it is not the amount of money you give, but how much you give of yourself.” He served as a leader in many community organizations and inspired others to join him.  His ultimate legacy to philanthropy and public service was to leave a foundation that could carry on his example of giving and serving.

“First and foremost, everything we have comes from God. He has blessed us all more than we deserve, and he has blessed me more than most.”
– Joe Bruno